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Brisbane Motorway Services, Brisbane

Category two – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) operates and maintains the CLEM7 road tunnel in Brisbane. The company has managed over 13,000 operational incidents and 200,000 maintenance activities since opening in 2010.

The Mobile Observation Detection System (MODS) was designed to secure road closures and reduce exposure of manned traffic points in the tunnel. MODS comprises of a portable barrier net with warning signs, red and blue flashing lights and a camera that can capture still images, perform live video streaming and send alert tones to dedicated monitoring staff.

MODS is easy to use making it quick and efficient to install and effective in deterring motorists from entering a road closure while eliminating the need for traffic controllers. By reducing the time it takes to set up and run, it can be imbedded into a road closure schedule with little or impact on normal operations.

BMS is the first toll-road operator to implement such a project in Australia leading to a 60 per cent cost savings on traffic control.

Brisbane Motorway Services, Brisbane
Brisbane Motorway Services team