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Marcelle Harrison, Kmart, Wakerley

Winner of 2016 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category twelve – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Marcelle Harrison, an occupational therapist and injury management advisor for Kmart, has a return to work philosophy that focuses on:

  • holistic recovery
  • rehabilitation in the workplace
  • maintaining a strong workplace/life balance through recovery.

She uses these values to partner with Kmart to implement injury management and health and wellbeing focused practices.

Marcelle engages her store based return to work coordinators to share learnings and increase awareness about early intervention and effective ways of engaging with key stakeholders (including injured team members, treating practitioners and managers).

Marcelle has also developed a job dictionary to help treating health practitioners understand the roles in Kmart and how modifications can be made to support return to work.

Marcelle's ensures a comfortable line of communication, identifying barriers early and allowing solutions to be implemented. Her ability to balance employee engagement, open communication and relationship building is the key to her sustainable recovery and return to work outcomes.