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Karen Wright, Tagai State College, Thursday Island

Category twelve – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Karen Wright works at Tagai State College where there are 407 staff and 17 island campuses across 48,000 kilometres of water in the Torres Strait.

Karen has demonstrated leadership in designing a rehabilitation and return to work system that has positively changed the workplace culture by:

  • implementing clear and regular lines of communication
  • developing a documentation system and weekly reporting
  • providing feedback to clients and head of campuses through case notes, with confidentiality the number one priority.
  • developing a culture of trust with staff members.

Karen's philosophy is simple — make sure staff feel valued and supported. Her contributions to rehabilitation and return to work have empowered staff through education and she works closely with every individual to give them the confidence to make decisions about their return to work.

Karen Wright
Tagia State College has seen significant improvements to their return to work program since Karen started