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Jeremy Clay, McNab, Wilston

Category twelve – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Jeremy Clay, Health Safety Environmental and Quality Coordinator for McNab, operates in a high risk construction environment with projects involving the use of subcontractors. Jeremy developed the 'Injured Worker Pack' for the employer (if not McNab), injured worker and doctor to assist all the stakeholders with the return to work process. He has also developed supervisor training (including subcontractors), a corrective actions reports register and a job dictionary as a result of some subcontractors not receiving training in the return to work process. These resources are available to managers, workers, subcontractors and their employers, and anyone else in McNab's supply chain.

Jeremy engaged experts, colleagues and senior management develop and to roll out his initiatives. McNab's WorkCover premiums have been falling year on year from a solid injury management platform to now less than 25 per cent of the industry rate.

McNab's human resources manager stated that Jeremy 'is prepared to lead by example, demonstrating a passion for proactively managing work injuries, while delicately balancing the personal and commercial implications of such circumstances'.

Jeremy Clay
Jeremy developed the 'Injured Work Pack' for McNab and their subcontractors