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Ventia Pty Ltd – AirportLinkM7 Project, Brisbane

Winner of 2016 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category six – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

The Motorways and Tunnels Division of Ventia manages the AirportLinkM7 Tunnel (APL). Ventia have improved performance and productivity by motivating staff and management to prioritise health and safety.

Incident clearance times were reduced from 25 minutes to 18 minutes after the incident response crew vehicle was re-engineered to allow an extra staff member to assist when responding to incidents.

In addition, Ventia introduced a wellness program, monthly safety forums, a recognition program, and additional training. As a result the total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) reduced from 42 per cent to zero and staff turnover dropped significantly.

Ventia Pty Ltd–AirportLinkM7 Project, Brisbane
Technicians conducting a pre-start before commencing electrical switchboard works