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RACQ, Eight Miles Plains

Category six – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

In 2015, RACQ rolled out a number of safety initiatives after recognising that locally developed processes were being used by business units for work activities they were not suited for. These initiatives were based on these key priorities:

  1. Communication- A working group was formed involving management, staff and key stakeholders who identify, design, implement and review health and safety initiatives.
  2. Ergonomics- The ergonomic champion is a peer to peer network of employees trained to provide simple advice and support staff with low level ergonomic concerns and escalate medical concerns to the work health and safety department for management.

These initiatives have been supported by communication strategies including the introduction of a safety and wellbeing Yammer page, engagement of external safety consultants and occupational therapists, and updated e-learning packages.

Over 12 months the work related injury rate was been cut by approximately 50 per cent and the ergonomic champion program has helped cut injuries by 80 per cent.

The health and wellbeing team at RACQ