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Brisbane Markets Limited, Rocklea

Category six – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

The Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) Board has taken the lead on improving work health and safety through initiatives such as an online training hub, a market forklift committee and the forklift operator of the year event.

As Queensland's major marketing and distribution hub for the supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, BML has the largest concentration of forklifts in South East Queensland. Approximately 4,000 people work on site and 405 forklifts are driven by more than 1,105 registered forklifts operators. These forklifts carry more than 600,000 tonnes of fresh produce between trucks and warehouses each year.

BML has worked closely with tenants, contractors and suppliers to ensure a cohesive approach across the supply chain. All levels of the organisation have clearly defined roles in safety management from the CEO to the operations manager to the market officers. There has been a shift in attitudes and BML now recognises that safety improves productivity.

Results of this work include:

  • induction completions are at 100 per cent
  • one hundred per cent of forklift operators completed the forklift safety course
  • the total number of forklift incidents has been halved
  • forklift incidents requiring hospitalisation went from seven in 2010 to zero in 2015
  • tenants actively participate in safety initiatives and demonstrate an understanding that encouraging safe work practices among their staff is only beneficial to their businesses.

Brisbane Markets Limited, Rocklea
More than 600,000 tonnes of fresh produce is carried between trucks and warehouses each year