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The Construction Training Centre, Salisbury

Winner of 2016 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category seven – Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

The Construction Training Centre (CTC) works with registered training organisations and commercial businesses (known as tenants) to give people the knowledge and skills to work in the building and construction industry.

A health and wellbeing initiative known as 'whole-hearted-you' was designed to include senior management and CTC staff, as well as staff from over 30 tenants.

Senior management actively involve themselves in the program by funding and promoting activities as well as attending sessions and including health and wellbeing discussions at executive meetings. CTC also engages and consults with external organisations to utilise its resources and stay ahead of wellbeing trends.

Since inception of whole-hearted-you:

  1. all CTC staff have taken up the gym memberships
  2. smoking amongst CTC staff has reduced by 50 per cent
  3. all CTC staff and 37 per cent of tenants have undergone mindfulness training
  4. absenteeism has reduced by 20 days (40 per cent).

The Construction Training Centre, Salisbury
Whole-hearted-you gym at the Construction Training Centre