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Easternwell, Toowoomba

Category seven – Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

Easternwell's 'Live Well' program emulates the business's vision to build a positive health culture among employees, contractors and anyone accessing Easternwell sites. As a drilling, well servicing and remote mobile camp management company, the harsh working environment and fly in, fly out nature of the industry raises unique circumstances for increased risk of adverse worker health.

High incidence of risk taking behaviours, poor dietary and physical activity habits, fatigue and poor mental health status among workers were key drivers behind Easternwell recognising the benefits of becoming a healthier workplace.

Its 'healthy people' strategies focused on building the knowledge and skills of workers by offering healthy eating workshops that were complemented by nutritional camp menu options. 'Healthy places' strategies ensure the physical environment and organisational systems support workers in making positive choices, such as enforced breaks for hydration and fatigue management. In addition, management has committed to the program by hiring a full time wellness co-ordinator.

The findings and learnings from the program are made available to workers as well as broader industry, and shared through social media.

Easternwell team enjoying a Zumba class