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Kafi Jama, JBS Australia, Acacia Ridge

Category nine – Injured work achievement awards

Kafi Jama was working as a night cleaner at a Townsville meat processing plant when his right arm became caught in a conveyor belt, amputating his forearm.

Throughout his return to work Kafi experienced an emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty about what the future held and the fear of being injured again. His employer worked closely with Kafi to establish a new path for him and monitor his overall wellbeing.

They paid for Kafi to study a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills and provided transport to and from work and study. Kafi now has an artificial hand and has returned to work in a different role, but is very positive as he has acquired new professional skills.

His employer offered a transfer of employment to their Dinmore meat processing plant to assist in his rehabilitation and return to work. Kafi returned to full time hours after 12 months back at work.

Kafi Jama
Kafi now has an artificial hand after being seriously injured at work