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Drewsilla Joy Cumner, RSL Care Fernhill, Brisbane

Category nine – Injured work achievement awards

Drewsilla (Drew) Joy Cumner, was hit by a car while walking to work, fracturing her skull. Paramedics placed her in an induced coma and she immediately underwent emergency surgery to release pressure and bleeding on her brain. She experienced complications such as post-traumatic amnesia, voice loss and a broken wrist and developed anxiety and depression.

Drew underwent speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, but her greatest challenges were overcoming the barriers of her own mental health as she tried to comprehend what had happened.

Drew was committed to staying positive and three months after the incident she returned to work on suitable duties. Drew says 'it helped me realise how lucky I really am to have this support. Being on these light duties has opened doors for me to further my study for medication assist and assistant in nursing'.

Drewsilla Joy Cumner
Drew (right) faced many challenges, but stayed optimistic during her return to work