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Deniel Beasy, Queensland Police Service, Mackay

Winner of 2016 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category nine – Injured work achievement awards

Sergeant Deniel Beasy sustained injuries to his right leg, including a shattered right knee, when he was involved in a collision with a four wheel drive while on his police motorcycle.

Deniel lost his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in his right knee and as such he was not expected to return to normal duties as a police officer.

Determined to get his health, work and home life back, he trained the muscles in his right knee to operate as ligaments. Deniel was away from work for 10 weeks while undergoing an extensive physiotherapy, gym and hydro-therapy rehabilitation program. Deniel's return to work plan started with three hours a day, and on the 12 month anniversary of the crash, he received medical clearance to return to full operational duties.

In Deniel's own words, his return to work experience 'had a positive impact on my workplace in that they all came together to help me and my family and also saw how important life is'.