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Andrew Coulter, J.J. Richards Engineering, Crestmead

Category nine – Injured work achievement awards

Andrew sustained full thickness burns to his shoulder (two per cent of his body) when his shirt caught fire while welding a bin. Andrew received first aid on site and was subsequently admitted to hospital. He received a skin graft and required regular visits to the hospital for dressing changes and occupational therapy.

With a positive attitude about his injury and the tasks he could still do, he returned to work on light duties two weeks after the incident. Starting out restricted to office work in the air conditioning, he worked with his doctors and employers to return to full duties 14 weeks after his injury. He wears his compression clothing to help prevent scarring. Andrew's positive attitude, as well as the support he had from his family and his employer, helped him to return to work.

Andrew Coulter
Andrew returned to work on suitable duties two weeks after his injury