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Alexis Bajada, Boomerang Motor Hotel, Mackay

Category nine – Injured work achievement awards

Alexis was the duty manager at a hotel when she was involved in an armed robbery while closing the building. The man, who was armed with a shotgun, tied her up and physically and sexually assaulted her. Alexis says she is alive due to the intense training she received from her employer on armed robbery. As a result of the incident, Alexis was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression.

Alexis worked with her psychiatrist to develop relaxation techniques and set a return to work plan that started as two days a week, two hours a day, and progressed week by week. By slowly building back her confidence, Alexis' return to work plan lasted a total of 10 weeks.

Alexis proudly promotes her very positive return to work but more importantly the passion and strength she has shown moving forward from the incident has inspired all of her supporters including WorkCover Queensland, her employer, and her loved ones.

Alexis Bajada
Alexis has slowly built her confidence and is proud of her positive return to work