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Brian Short, OceanicSteel, Bundaberg

Category four – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

Brian Short started with OceanicSteel after forty years in work health and safety and quickly set two work health and safety goals for the company that were endorsed and embraced by senior management.

  1. To ensure safety and quality assurance were functioning and measurable to create pathways for the OceanicSteel to gain major contracts in the fabrication of bridge steel structures.
  2. To aim for full third party accreditation of safety and quality assurance within five years.

Brian reviewed and assessed how safety and quality assurance impacted on the business, employee satisfaction and customer relations, and used this information to develop the company's first safety manuals, procedures and documentation.

He worked with engineers, auditors, managers and staff to progress the company to full third party accreditation in five years, playing a pivotal role in OceanicSteel securing bridge steel contracts with Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Rail.

Now age 73, Brian continues to contribute to OceanicSteel and the work health and safety community by working with clients and other subcontractors on site during projects and teaching online with Bundaberg TAFE.

Brian Short, OceanicSteel, Bundaberg
Brian Short helped change the culture at OceanicSteel