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Andrew Bowe, Ergon Energy, Townsville

Category four – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

Andrew Bowe has made work health and safety simple, effective and enjoyable for the team at Ergon Energy with his 'Safety is defence' program. Inspired by watching NRL player Corey Parker, Andrew developed a presentation using football metaphors for how the team can manage risk every day in the field:

  • setting up their defence
  • sticking to the plan, but be flexible
  • kicking the ball out when required
  • having a scrum to regroup.

Andrew gained the full support of management to roll out his program which hinged on the presentation and was backed up by toolbox talks, an information pack, short videos, branded merchandising, and constant feedback from the field through reporting and meetings.

His presentation has been delivered to 100 operational based business units, covering 70 depots and 1,600 employees within Ergon Energy. The language and approach to safety is becoming embedded into the daily activities of the organisation. Andrew has played a critical role in shifting attitudes and changing behaviours when it comes to work health and safety at Ergon Energy.

Andrew Bowe, Ergon Energy, Townsville
Andrew Bowe's 'safety is defence' program