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Seqwater, Ipswich

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

Seqwater's Electrical Safety Switch Compliance Program (ESSCP) included an inspection of all 220 of its sites and 1,100 distribution boards to ensure power and lighting circuits were protected.

The company found that installing safety switches on the lighting circuits would require statutory testing to be performed either at the distribution board or by interrupting the circuit. In both cases, an element of live work may be required.

In order to remove all live work, a designated lighting test point will be installed across all sites. The implementation phase is now underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The criteria for the lighting test points are:

  • must be located at the furthest most practical point of the lighting circuit, at a height out of normal reach
  • must be a white Clipsal 413L outlet for internal lights and a Clipsal 56SO310L outlet for external lights with caution signs fitted directly below the test point.

This completely eliminates the need for live testing and statutory testing can be performed with ease. The program is being implemented at over 220 sites ranging from the New South Wales border to Gympie and as far west as the base of the Toowoomba Range.

Seqwater, Ipswich
New lighting test point