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Powertech, Eagle Farm

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

Powertech (Present Group) identified an industry wide issue where electricians with unrestricted licences had few constraints to working in a high voltage (HV) environment.

The company engaged a training and development coordinator to consult with technical services managers, engineers, and electrical technicians and investigated legislative requirements, Australian standards, international standards, and industry best practice.

As a result, Powertech created an in-house, online, training program that included theoretical and practical training for specialised HV activities.

With a largely mobile workforce, employees are able to access online theory from any mobile device connected to the internet. Once the theory has been completed, the technicians can then schedule with the assessor a time to complete the practical assessment. The technician receives a competency certificate which is also sent to the organisation's training and development team.

Management is now able to efficiently allocate resources depending on the technical needs of the job and this solution has had a positive impact on the organisation's training and safety culture.

Powertech, Eagle Farm
Online training program for specialised HV activities.