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NOJA Power, Murarrie

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

NOJA Power, a manufacturer of medium and high voltage equipment for power utilities, was contacted by a number of Queensland mining companies experiencing issues with its switching facilities.

When operating high voltage electrical switchgear in substation environments there were two main risks.

  • If operators were standing next to high voltage switchgear where the control cubicle was located and it failed, it could have catastrophic consequences.
  • In a switching facility with identical, multiple high voltage switchgears it is possible to confuse one device with another and implement an incorrect switching procedure.

Using the hierarchy of controls, NOJA relocated the control panel interface that was normally located in the control cubicle at the high voltage switchgear to a remote location with a fibre optic connection to the control cubicle. This allowed the line workers to operate the high voltage switchgear in the substation from a remote location instead of in the substation switch yard.

The solution has now been adopted not only in the mining sites around Queensland but in many of the countries in which NOJA Power exports high voltage switchgear.

NOJA Power, Murarrie
NOJA Power relocated the control panel interface out of the substation switch yard.