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ABB Australia, Eagle Farm

Winner of 2016 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

ABB Australia, in conjunction with Legend Power Group, designed and developed a magnetic insulating mat that acts as a barrier when placed over potentially live electrical components. Workers can apply the mat when fault finding low voltage and extra low voltage circuits within high voltage switchgear control cabinets.

Typically, low voltage control cabinets for switchgear can have large, complex wiring looms and electrical equipment on doors, requiring workers to maintain difficult positions when fault finding the equipment, potentially exposing them to live wiring.

The final product is a lightweight, semi-transparent, insulating mat that can be made in various sizes, calibrated and certified to withstand certain voltages. The mat is placed over the adjacent live parts in the area and has a flexible strip magnet to easily apply and remove the mat from surfaces.

After a number of trials and subsequent training, ABB workers are now comfortably using the product in everyday business. The product is now available to the electrical safety industry through electrical wholesaler Legend Power Group.

ABB Australia, Eagle Farm
The insulated magnetic mat is placed over potentially live electrical components.