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Volvo Group Australia, Wacol

Category eleven – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

Volvo Group Australia's rehabilitation and return to work system is based on a number of national electronic databases including reporting tools, policy management and suitable duties.

The assist and mentor site is a reporting tool that ensures a consistent approach to injury management. Workers are required to report all incidents, injury related or not, through the national electronic system, which informs site managers and administrators of the incident. After reporting, the site coordinator directly contacts the injured worker to discuss the incident and escalate to preferred medical providers for an assessment if required. Their compensation and injury management policy supports and encourages work and non-work condition management.

The Volvo health and safety team attend quarterly meetings as a group to discuss return to work issues, including training on the need for early intervention for medical assessment, treatment of workers and the latest treatment methods. This information is shared organisationally through regular, tailored training and re-training. Other initiatives include the introduction of an onsite physiotherapist providing treatment, rehabilitation and risk management using the principles of sports medicine and applying them to the workplace. The onsite physiotherapist addresses work and non-work related injuries as an early intervention strategy in the workplace.

Volvo Group
The Volvo team discussing their new return to work initiatives.