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McNab, West End

Category eleven – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

McNab operates in a high risk construction environment with projects involving the use of subcontractors to perform work. McNab's assertive injury management approach is based on three key principles:

  1. easy and accessible
  2. invest in the workers
  3. involve the supply chain.

McNab developed a smart phone application 'Look Out for Your Mates' to make reporting easy and accessible. If the worker uses the 'report an incident' tool, it automatically connects them with a rehabilitation coordinator based in their geographical region.

Regular training sessions are held for supervisors, including the supervisors of subcontractors to explain the rehabilitation processes. During the training, McNab's 'Injured Worker Pack' and the job dictionary is also explained to their subcontractors and provides detailed advice to employers regarding individual cases as well as how to improve their rehabilitation systems. They also offer host employment options for smaller subcontractors to perform suitable duties at McNab.