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Darwalla Group, Mt Cotton

Category eight – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Darwalla is a poultry producer with hatcheries, breeder farms, broiler farms, live bird catching, live bird transport, feed transport and maintenance sites across South East Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Darwalla has designed and implemented a customised, fully integrated quality and safety management system to meet the unique nature of their operations. 'Beyond best practice', is a holistic safety management system with a three phase approach:

  • safety at all stages – risk management, injury prevention and minimisation.
  • safety communication - reporting and feedback
  • safety assistance.

From the inception of 'Beyond best practice', Chief Executive Officer David Greaves has been involved in establishing program goals, frameworks, resources and support.

Darwalla shares its learnings, tools and resources throughout its supply chains. It provides lease growers with guidance on legislative requirements, technical training and job safety analysis' for broiler farms and offers growers and contractors the opportunity to complete a Certificate II in Poultry Production.

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Darwalla Group - Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2016

My name is Juan Corredor. I'm the human resources and quality assurance manager for the Darwalla Group of Companies. The Darwalla Group of Companies is a fully-integrated poultry producer, chicken producer with more than 80 years' experience in the poultry business. We have different industries within the company, incorporated in the company such as manufacturing, farming, transport, maintenance services, administration, so we are required to have a fully-integrated system to make sure that we manage safety at a supply chain level.

Our Darwalla safety system is made of three phases. It is the safety at all the stages which includes risk management. It is a safety communication and safety assistance. Our CEO, he has played a critical role in implementation of the system. He meets every new employee at induction process. He introduces himself. He commits to safety from day one, and he delivers a safety message to every single employee. A visible management team going out there, talking the safety message, it has had a huge impact. It has affected positively. People do believe on the message. People do believe in Darwalla is basically just looking after them in the safety side.

On the engagement side, we combine training, consultation and recognition to make sure that we're sending the message through. It is just communicating successes in the company. It is just recognising people doing great in the companies, recognizing new projects. It is recognising safety ideas. It's recognizing quality ideas, continuous improvement, and it is letting all the organisation know, "Hey, we can do it. We're doing it. We are continuously improving the organisation."

We have several contractors and several business partners. Some of them are farmers. What we have done with the system is we have offered them the opportunity to benchmark our systems and implement in their own organisations. We're sharing our learnings and our knowledge across the supply chain. When you see one year back or five years back or ten years back and you see the vast improvement that we have done in this company, not only in safety but in other areas, it is very rewarding. It is when you see, 'we are doing a good job.' We want people to come here to work safely, produce quality birds, but come back home with ten fingers and, you know, complete as they came here to work for us. Simple as that.RUN TIME: 2 min 47 sec