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Lindsay Transport

Category two – Finalist – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Lindsay Transport identified that workers were at risk of sustaining musculoskeletal injuries when separating B-double semi-trailers and removing load restraint bars.

To address this risk, Lindsay Transport developed the Driver Multi-Tool, which allows operators to access the turntable release handle without the awkward postures some operators take when accessing the restricted space below the trailer.

Using the tool:

  • allows multiple muscles within the shoulder and elbow to be activated to help generate force to disperse the load
  • allows operators to use a power grip and use their other hand to effectively brace against the side of the trailer, reducing slip incidents and forearm strain
  • allows the operator to hold a horizontal grip orientation opposed to an awkward position.

Lindsay workers have provided feedback that the tool has made a common task easier and safer, resulting in increased productivity and a positive impact on the businesss safety culture.

Lindsay Transport
Lindsay Transport, before and after using the Driver Multi-Tool