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Fulton Hogan Ltd

Category two - Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Fulton Hogan is currently undertaking early work on the Gateway Upgrade North project in Nudgee, involving major embankment works and significant pre-loading activities.

A number of settlement plates have been buried throughout the work area to measure how quickly the ground is settling. However, these poles are at risk of being knocked over or damaged by reversing trucks, potentially resulting in injury, damage, lost data, lost time and large fines.

To address this, Fulton Hogan attached life-size yellow 'men' to each of the poles, naming each of them after a worker on site. In this way, as well as helping to prevent damage to the poles, the initiative highlighted to everyone on site how easy it is to run over another person.

Since personalising the signage, only two trucks have reversed into the settlement poles.

Fulton Hogan Ltd
A marked settlement plate pole at Fulton Hogan's Nudgee site