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Cane Train

Category three - Best work health and safety practices in small business

Cane Train is owned and run by two independent sugar cane harvesting contractors – J.T. Borg Family Trust, and Thomsett Harvesting – who identified a lack of health and safety resources specific to sugar cane harvesting contractors.

Drawing on their own workers' skills and knowledge, Cane Train developed the Safe Harvesting System, including a drivers' handbook and a safety management system covering topics including:

  • training and induction
  • emergency procedures
  • injuries, illness and first aid
  • anti-discrimination and harassment
  • mobile devices
  • vehicle operations and maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • working alone
  • safe work procedures and risk management
  • fatigue management
  • chemical storage and usage.

Since implementing Cane Train's Safe Harvesting System, J.T. Borg Family Trust and Thomsett Harvesting have noted improvements in retaining their workers and attracting returning seasonal workers, as well as improved productivity due to less downtime from breakdowns and workplace incidents. The company is working to create new industry partnerships and to help other sugar cane harvesting contractors set up their own systems.

Cane Train
A cane harvester at work