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FKG Group

Category three – Employer achievement award – large employer

FKG Group implemented a return to work policy and strategy, with the overarching message that all employees within the FKG Group will have knowledge of the benefits injured workers receive. These benefits include being supported back to suitable duties as soon as practical following injury, with a strong focus on their recovery and wellbeing, to expedite their recovery.

FKG Group promotes return to work and early intervention to the workforce in a variety of ways. Education around rehabilitation is focused at all levels of management and workers. All managers, project managers, supervisors, safety advisors and workers receive training relevant to their role within the FKG Group; this allows for a smooth and immediate response to an injury and ensures the best outcome for an injured worker. Education of the entire FKG Group staff and sub-contractor base allows for peace of mind following an event as the transparent approach to rehabilitation and early return to work allows everything to run efficiently.

Management views return to work as a viable and responsible approach to injury management and they have shown a proven commitment to allocating resources for return to work, as well as full support assisting returning employees and sub-contractors back into the workplace. Savings in workers' compensation premiums generated from implementation of their strategy have been considerable, with their rate 42 percent less than the industry average.

FKG Group
FKG Group workers onsite