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Pine Rivers Child and Youth Mental Health Service

Category seven – Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

Pine Rivers Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) provides specialist mental health services for Queensland children and young people with severe and/or complex mental health problems. Its clinicians work collaboratively with children, families/carers and other service providers to provide integrated, individualised, and recovery-orientated treatment that improves the wellbeing of not only children and young people, but also their families and extended carer networks. However the intensity associated with this type of work has often been linked to a high risk of burn-out as well as other negative risk factors for staff. In response, the Pine Rivers CYMHS developed the Wellness Focus Initiative - a team commitment for each worker to take responsibility for their own health, as well as supporting each other to achieve their wellness goals individually and as a team.

This initiative was and continues to be predominately cost neutral, with the expectation of the purchase of standing desks for employees. The program introduces and focuses healthy behaviour in the workplace and an increase in activities (conducting walking meetings, forming walking groups and encouragement to increase physical activities). Wellness-promotion goals were also considered for team activities such as healthy lunch catering, healthy morning teas during meetings and incorporating activity-based team building strategies.

Pine Rivers Child and Youth Mental Health Service
Pine Rivers Child and Youth Mental Health Service employees