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Malcolm Valler, Golding Contractors Pty Ltd

Category one – Injured worker achievement award – return to work

Malcolm is a full time heavy plant operator in the mining industry and operates rear dump trucks and water trucks. Malcolm suffered a completely ruptured tendon in his left shoulder after slipping and falling forward while assisting with the removal of temporary road signage in wet conditions, using his hand to break his fall.

When Malcolm returned to work he was restricted from operating machinery or doing any work in the mining operational area for four months. His injuries limited the amount of physical activity he was able to do, which took a lot of adjusting to as he'd worked in a physical employment most of his life. His employer was able to accommodate him with light duties.

During the return to work process, Malcolm was restricted to day shifts and was not working with his normal workmate, leaving him isolated from his social network that he enjoyed about his work. However, he had a positive outlook, eagerness to get back into the workplace, and a singular goal of returning to his full pre-injury duties.

Malcolm Valler, Golding Contractors Pty Ltd
Malcolm Valler on one of the machines he operates