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Felicia Russell, Wilmar Proserpine Sugar Mill

Category one – Injured worker achievement award – return to work

Felicia, a shift electrician, was repairing a cable to a sensor when she was crushed by a moving ram and a stationary object. She crushed her ulna and radius in her right arm and also caused some thumb tendon damage. Felicia returned to work 10 days after the initial operation on reduced hours and duties.

Felicia commenced back at work for four hours a day, for five days a week, for the first few weeks. Her duties were conducted in the office as per her suitable duties recommendations. Felicia then got a clearance to return to the factory on suitable duties. In this time she worked on a project to get funding to make the equipment she was injured on safer. The only restriction Felicia has currently is in moving heavy equipment. She is still working full time.

Felicia Russell, Wilmar Proserpine Sugar Mill
Felicia Russell