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Ian Morrison, Tropical Reef Shipyard

Category four - Best individual contribution to work health and safety

Ian Morrison has been Tropical Reef Shipyard's Health Safety Security Environmental Training and Quality Assurance Manager since 2012. Over the past four years, Ian has reduced Tropical Reef's lost time injury rate from three times the industry rate to below the industry average. Tropical Reef has also achieved more than 480 days lost time injury free.

Ian achieved these improvements by taking a holistic approach to improving work health and safety , including:

  • introducing work health and safety policies and procedures
  • setting work health and safety targets
  • focusing on changing attitudes by giving both management and workers ownership of and responsibility for work health and safety.

Ian has a reputation at Tropical Reef Shipyard not only for his work health and safety knowledge and expertise, but for the dedication and support he provides to all workers. Ian makes himself available 24 hours a day and often comes in during the night shift to ensure workers have an opportunity to speak with him about work health and safety concerns.

Ian Morrison, Tropical Reef Shipyard
(Left to right) TRS General Manager, Robert Downing, Member for Barron River, Craig Crawford, Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke, with Ian Morrison