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Doc Brothers Electrical Contracting

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical safety issue

Doc Brothers Electrical Contracting identified that handling live extension cords placed workers in serious danger of electric shock if not handled correctly, and sought to find a way to ensure workers unplug extension cords before rolling them up, and that they unroll the cords before plugging them in.

The company sourced a high impact, high visibility cable tidy that is permanently attached to its extension cords one metre from the plug top. This means it is impossible to roll or unroll the cord once it is plugged in. It also provides a lanyard to attach the cord to a construction distribution board, which prevents tying a knot in the cord or leaving it laying on the ground.

Since installing the rollers, Doc Brothers Electrical have noted that workers now refrain from rolling up live cords, and storage of the cords has improved reducing the damage previously caused to the cords in transit. The rollers have also improved worker awareness of the risks of handling live cords.

Doc Brothers Electrical Contracting
Doc Brothers' extension cord cable tidy