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CB Energy Pty Ltd

Category five – Best solution to an identified electrical safety issue

CB Energy identified a lack of an industry-standard safety method for cutting into existing electrical conduits. This task is often performed in a hurry, within an excavation or hole in the ground, with poor access due to other utilities and structures, and under environmental pressures such as water inundation, mud and flowing sand.

A site supervisor at CB Energy modified the guarding on his multi-tool to act as a depth limiting device, reducing the risk of cutting into live electrical wires that might lie beyond the wall being cut into. CB Energy then developed a solution that works the same as a circular saw or grinder, but includes a permanent depth restriction to prevent over-cutting. Because it is an oscillating device, it is also safe to touch while in use, almost completely removing the risk of accidental injury.

There have been zero incidents resulting from cutting into electrical conduits since CB Energy introduced the tool, and the feedback from workers has been overwhelmingly positive.

CB Energy Pty Ltd
A multi-tool with a depth limiting device fitted