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Stanwell Corporation Limited

Stanwell is the largest electricity generator in Queensland.

Due to a high number of young worker injuries, Stanwell developed the YOLO (You Only Live Once) young worker safety intervention program.

The YOLO program educates young workers about:

  • hazard identification and control
  • human brain development and targeted cognitive behavioural safety information
  • the 'energy damage model of causation', which explains how to identify energies that could cause harm and how to apply the hierarchy of control in a practical and easy way.

During the eight month delivery of the YOLO program across all Stanwell operational sites, there were no injuries to any young worker.

The YOLO program has also contributed towards Stanwell's workers' compensation premium rate of 0.119 compared to the industry rate of 0.764, and a decrease in the all injury frequency rate (inclusive of first aid, medical treatment and lost time injuries) from 43 per million working hours in May 2013 to 22 per million working hours in May 2014.

Stanwell Corporation