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Lend Lease, Kelvin Grove

Lend Lease is a property and construction provider in the health, education, defence, commercial and retail sectors.

Lend Lease identified several safety issues associated with constructing and fitting out mechanical service risers on a regional hospital site—a substantial task that took between 400 and 600 work hours to complete. This task required scaffold inside a small space, teams to work at height for extended periods, and the risk of materials falling from above. The project also involved installing medical gas valve boxes in crowded services corridors, adding to the safety risks of the riser construction.

Following consultation with the project team and the mechanical services contractors, Lend Lease prefabricated wall sections with pre-installed risers, medical gas valve boxes, and ductwork before they arrived on site.

This solution reduced hazards and risks associated with working at height and being hit by falling objects. Fewer workers were required, improving the coordination of activities and trades in small areas, and the number of work hours reduced to two hours.

The solution also encouraged other contractors to review their own work and identify safer ways to complete their installations, resulting in a safer work environment across the entire project.

Lend Lease