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Brisbane Motorway Services

Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) provides operation and maintenance services for the CLEM7 tunnel.

During a disaster or emergency in the tunnel, BMS workers' ability to respond quickly and effectively depends on their knowledge and skills and familiarity with emergency scenarios.

Conducting real life training scenarios was very costly, so to better equip their workers with the skills to respond to an emergency situation, BMS introduced virtual emergency simulation/safety training (VEST).

VEST provides an immersive training environment where employees can safely participate in disaster and emergency training scenarios (such as a fire in the tunnel or a car accident) using the virtual simulation activities. The controlled virtual environment gauges the ability of individuals and teams to quickly make decisions and execute tasks.

VEST has helped achieve:

  • 1500 days of no lost time injuries
  • reduced training costs
  • elimination of manual handling to create realistic scenarios in a high pressure learning environment
  • training that is current and relevant to the national competencies associated with the Certificate IV Traffic Operations (Tunnels)
  • recognition from industry.