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Hector the Erector

Hector the Erector is a family owned business located in Wynnum, providing relocation solutions for heavy, sensitive and awkward equipment.

Employees work in high risk environments across various sites where decisions about how to safely relocate equipment are made daily.

The organisation has developed practical solutions to ensure relocations are conducted safely including:

  • pre-task simulation – inputting the site and item details and dimensions into a software program to simulate relocations using scale models and relocation equipment
  • custom safe work method statements, on site assessments, safe work procedures and training
  • custom designed vehicles to accommodate unique equipment and assist with loading and unloading heavy equipment
  • a custom designed depot to better accommodate safety meetings and training, provide a stable surface for vehicles and pedestrians, provide clearly marked work and exclusion zones and an exterior undercover area for sun protection.

The new safety measures have resulted in a decrease in Hector the Erector's workers' compensation premiums and an increase in job efficiency and employee and customer satisfaction.