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Cole Contracting Pty Ltd

Cole Contracting is an electrical contracting company that employs eight full-time workers and four apprentices.

To improve its work health and safety practices, Cole Contracting engaged an IT company to develop a software program that enabled staff to complete risk assessments and access safe work procedures on their smart phones.

The software suggests solutions and procedures based on previous risk assessments, and populates the employee's risk assessment with the most relevant safety information. Electronic records are easily stored and emailed to the site foreman.

The benefits of the program include:

  • fast and easy access to safe work method statements
  • time savings of 55 per cent when filling out risk assessments—significantly increasing productivity
  • the ability to download risk assessments as PDF documents to help achieve compliance
  • improved monitoring, assessment and reporting processes.

To date, over 960 risk assessments have been completed and the new program has created a sense of pride and enthusiasm among staff.

Cole Contracting Pty Ltd