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Barney Beach Accommodation Centre

Barney Beach Accommodation Centre (BBAC) in Gladstone is a key supplier of workforce accommodation for local industry.

BBAC identified that chemical management processes could be improved and revised their chemical management plan to include:

  • the use of environmentally friendly and safe chemicals
  • chemical safety training for all staff
  • new procedures for storing and handling bulk chemicals, including correct labelling, improved organisation, mandatory use of personal protective equipment and correct manual handling techniques.

As part of the broader changes to BBAC's work health and safety management system, an employee consultative committee was established. All employees are paid to attend meetings to discuss operational matters, with a strong focus on work health and safety.

Feedback from BBAC staff has been positive and they report that they have a clearer understanding of expectations, have the skills and knowledge to manage hazards, and believe they are safer at work.

Barney Beach Accommodation Centre