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Gay Constructions

Established in 1959, Gay Constructions is a privately owned small to medium enterprise specialising in steel fabrication.

Gay Constructions' lost time injuries and reportable safety incidents were increasing, and due to the large number of claims, the company's workers' compensation insurance policy was close to being cancelled.

To instil a 'safety first' culture, Gay Constructions made some major changes including:

  • introducing a revised employee induction program with an emphasis on safety—every employee was re-inducted
  • re-establishing an active work health and safety committee with the general manager as the chair
  • completing a weekly safety audit carried out by shop floor members of the safety committee
  • developing comprehensive safe work method statements
  • holding paid monthly toolbox meetings with a focus on safety
  • introducing a policy that required all medically treated injuries and lost time injuries to be reported directly to the general manager, who often accompanied injured staff to the doctor
  • arranging doctor visits to the factory to make staff aware of risks and suitable light duties to enable an early and safe return to work
  • successfully participating in Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's Injury Prevention and Management program
  • displaying safety performance statistics in the workshop
  • acknowledging safety milestones with barbecues and lunches
  • sharing insurance premium reductions due to improved safety records with employees (50/50).

Since the changes were implemented, Gay Constructions has been certified to AS/NZS 4801:201, and has achieved 641 lost time injury (LTI) free days compared with the previous record of 100 LTI days. Most importantly, workers are safer, happier and more productive.