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Liverpool River Bananas and LMB Farming

Liverpool River Bananas and LMB farming grow bananas in tropical North Queensland.

Both farms adopted the 'Live Well, Farm Well' project (delivered in partnership with Growcom, Diabetes Queensland and the Queensland Government). The aim of the project is to implement sustainable workplace wellness initiatives to reduce chronic disease risk factors in farm workers and families in the Cassowary Coast region.

With the help of the 'Live Well, Farm Well' project team, Liverpool River Bananas and LMB Farming developed and implemented a range of solutions including:

  • a five step work health planning framework on each farm
  • a workplace steering group
  • health and wellbeing programs including 'Eat It', '10 000 steps' and 'Quit Smoking'
  • access to healthy lifestyle information for staff and their families
  • workplace wellness policies including integration into their core business
  • health screening for staff.

Benefits observed following the introduction of the project include three employees quitting smoking, a 20 per cent increase in the daily consumption of vegetables, a 136 per cent increase in employee confidence to read food labels, and a 54 per cent increase in workers' confidence in their ability to cook healthier meals.

Both farms have achieved bronze recognition from the Queensland Government Workplaces for Wellness initiative.

Liverpool River Banana's & LMB Farming