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Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council (BCC) is the largest local government in Australia, employing 8000 staff.

BCC introduced the Well4Life team, an internal team of exercise physiologists, as part of their organisational wellness, safety and health stream, dedicated to keeping staff safe and healthy.

BCC delivered a range of resources, facilities, services and activities to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours including:

  • one-on-one health and fitness assessments with Well4Life exercise physiologists
  • wellness centres and depot gyms
  • employee vaccination programs
  • healthy heart checks
  • diabetes checks
  • toolbox talks and education sessions on stress management, mental health and wellbeing, nutrition and injury prevention and management
  • physical activity sessions
  • musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs
  • a wellness, safety and health information caravan for field-based workers
  • wellness, safety and health expos
  • bi-monthly zero harm campaigns including CEO blogs, employee emails, intranet articles and posters.

The Well4Life team use a wellness program development toolkit and analyse the health and wellbeing needs of staff to create and implement specialised wellness programs and initiatives within divisions, branches and work areas.

BCC's health and wellbeing initiatives have helped BCC to become the first local government in Queensland to achieve gold recognition as part of the Queensland Health Workplace for Wellness recognition scheme.

Brisbane City Council