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Graham Hall, Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan is a major Australasian civil contractor with 50 depots and offices across Australia.

Graham Hall is the safety advisor on Fulton Hogan's $57 million highway interchange project at Blacksoil. Graham is responsible for the safety of everyone on site including subcontractors, motorists and pedestrians.

Graham is new to the safety advisor role, with a 30 year background as a long-haul truck driver, labourer and plant operator. With the support of management, Graham educated himself on safety legislation, computers, report writing and chairing meetings.

In his role Graham:

  • completes inspections across all activities, talking to workers to make sure crews and individuals are functioning safely
  • inducts new workers and plant operators, ensuring verifications of competency are in place and everyone is clear about safety rules and expectations
  • holds weekly toolbox meetings to address concerns identified during site inspections and discuss any incidents or site issues
  • addresses project milestones and praises good safety culture and behaviour
  • consults with subcontractors on safety issues
  • runs regular on-site incident preparation drills.

Under Graham's supervision, the Blacksoil project has achieved outstanding safety audit results and zero workers' compensation claims. He has gained respect and support from work crews—leading to a positive culture shift where safety is considered integral to daily activities.

Graham Hall