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NOJA Power

NOJA Power researches, develops, manufactures and supplies low, medium and high voltage switchgears.

NOJA Power developed a comprehensive workplace health and wellbeing initiative called 'Safety is important – health is your life' to improve workers' safe work practices, eating habits, physical activity levels and productivity and to reduce workplace injuries and staff turnover.

The initiative was led by the management team and involved staff at all levels, including:

  • health and wellbeing checks and seminars
  • healthy eating programs
  • sports and exercises
  • health and safety training
  • the provision of bike racks, showers, lockers, ergonomic workstations, vaccinations, and social events
  • detailed risk assessments and incident investigations.

The initiative has seen a 65 per cent increase in employee retention, a 48 per cent reduction in employee absenteeism, a 29 per cent reduction in injuries and an overall increase in productivity.