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Islanders Board of Industry and Service

The Islanders Board of Industry and Service (IBIS) is a chain of supermarkets located throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula area, with most stores managed by local Indigenous people.

Due to the remote locations of the stores, with the head office in Cairns, IBIS introduced an electronic repository on the IBIS online portal where all risks are registered and addressed by the risk officer, maintenance manager and mobile retail operations team. The centralised reporting system can be accessed from anywhere within the business.

The repository houses work health and safety training, monthly store audits and evaluation and follow-up of reported incidents, aimed at preventing recurrences.

To further support the system, IBIS have implemented work health and safety policies and procedures for staff to refer to and enforce through counselling.

The initiatives have enhanced the work health and safety culture within IBIS stores and increased incident reporting.