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Mark Ferguson

Winner of 2014 Return to Work Awards

Category one – Winner – Injured worker achievement award (serious injury)

Mark had been a rigger and crane operator for two years when he stumbled on some rocks at work and caught his hand in between an auxiliary cable and the head sheave. As a result Mark's right hand was crushed and he needed surgery to remove fingers on his right hand.

Mark was dedicated to his rehabilitation and did everything his treating doctors advised, for both his mental and physical recovery. He found that by having a positive attitude he could challenge himself to do more and more things.

After three months Mark returned to work on light duties. The support of his employers and workmates played an integral role in his attitude to work.

"If anyone finds themselves in the same predicament I recommend to stay positive - there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't let it get on top of you, you will get through it. I know it will be tough, sometimes overwhelming, but do what needs to be done, with your appointments and exercises and you will get through and be more capable than you may think."

Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson