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Kelly Ponting

Winner of 2014 Return to Work Awards

Category one – Winner – Injured worker achievement award (return to work award)

Kelly worked as a forklift driver, when a slip at work caused a disc to dislodge in his spine. Kelly was unable to walk or sit without an unbearable amount of pain. The injury meant that he would no longer be able work in his role at full capacity.

As a father of four, Kelly wanted to be able to provide for his family and play with his kids – these goals gave him the determination to get better.

Even though his injuries were severe, Kelly never took any time off work. He approached his employer about finding a position where he could contribute entirely to a job without jeopardising his rehabilitation. Kelly was then trained to become an assessor. This was a major change for Kelly as it was a completely different area to anything he had ever worked in before and he also had to face his computer illiteracy.

Kelly dedicated himself to training for his new role at work and to his rehabilitation which included several months of hydrotherapy treatment, weight training and physiotherapy. He is now well on his way to recovery and a fully trained assessor.

"There is nothing more uplifting than kissing my kids goodbye in the morning and heading off to earn my way and contribute towards their lives, and I can do this due to my commitment to my rehabilitation and my decision to give it a go."

Kelly Ponting
Kelly Ponting