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McNab Constructions

McNab Constructions have developed a phone app to address under-reporting of hazards and near misses on construction sites. They are sharing the app across industry and providing it free through app stores.

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Film – McNab Constructions

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John Martinkovic, HSEQ Manager, McNab Constructions

My name's John Martinkovic and I'm the health safety and environment and quality manager at McNab.

We started off in general construction, but more recently we're involved in civil projects as well as environmental projects for a range of clients.

Michael McNab saw the opportunity for improving our hazard reporting as a company. It was quite clear to see that every time we had really good hazard reporting, we had a corresponding reduction in the number of medical treatment injuries. So Michael and the executive, when I presented to them the opportunity to improve our hazard reporting using a phone app, were 100 percent behind that.

The Lookout app is aimed at improving the rate of hazard and near miss reporting. We found that workers typically are reluctant to report, because they don't like filling out paperwork. By developing this app, we're removing that barrier and making it a lot easier, and also giving us more real time information.

The app starts when a worker comes to site. Then they scan a unique scramble code, which identifies them being on a particular project, and once they get on site it's a simple process then of selecting either that there's a hazard they're seeing, or something that was really close in hurting someone. They select that function, take a photo, type in a few words to describe what happened and then tell us whether it's now been made safe or it still needs fixing, and press submit, and that then goes through to the project team, and the safety advisor for the job to respond to.

We consulted with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund as part of developing the app as well. We felt that an organisation like the Paraplegic Benefit Fund were instrumental or important to convey the message of 'why do we bother with hazard reporting and near miss reporting'.

The workers on site have embraced the app. They find it very easy to use—three buttons to press, take a photo, submit—so they like the fast pace of being able to tell us about something that goes wrong. The challenge for us is keeping up with that pace.

McNab is sharing the app across industry. It is freely available through the Apple store and also for Android users, so any small business or any business can actually use it.

The app has really benefitted McNab's safety culture. It's really taken the level of hazard reporting and the whole attitude of all of our workers and all of our staff around hazard reporting to another level. So we're seeing a lot more information coming through, and seeing a lot more attention to detail from our sites. And we couldn't be happier with that approach.

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