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Stanwell Corporation Limited, Rockhampton

Finalist (Commended) – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Finalist (Commended) – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Stanwell is the largest electricity generator in Queensland. Due to a high number of young worker injuries, Stanwell developed the YOLO (You Only Live Once) young worker safety intervention program.

FILM: Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014:  Category eight finalist – Stanwell Corporation Limited

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Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014
Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Finalist: Stanwell Corporation Limited

Ammanda-Jane Glazebrook
Health Safety and Environment Cultural Specialist
Stanwell Corporation

Stanwell is Queensland's largest energy provider. We employ 730 people across the state at ten different sites. Our sites produce electricity with coal, gas and hydro.

Our Y.O.L.O. program is designed for young workers. It's purpose built to address what's happening in the human brain. We realised we needed the Y.O.L.O. program because we had three injuries in three months at our Stanwell Power Station site. In a six month period, we had nine injuries to young workers across our corporation and that was enough for us.

Up until the age of about 25, the human brain is still forming. And what specifically is still coming into play is our ability to identify and address hazards, make decisions and plan. It allows us to acknowledge that young workers receive and process information differently than do their older counterparts. And with that knowledge we've created a program that allows us to connect and to capture the attention of our young workers in a way that's age appropriate and personal and really fit for purpose.

We give them tools to identify hazards and to control the hazards as well. We teach them the five specific questions that enables them to practically bring into play the hierarchy of control to efficiently control that hazard.

Specifically, we had the involvement of our Chief Operating Officer as well as our CEO. And on our Stanwell Power Station site the whole health and safety team were involved there in creating the program. We talked to our young workers about the type of things they would want to see in the program and their mentors as well, about the type of things they felt were needed.

After every session that we ran of Y.O.L.O. across our whole corporation we took feedback, we got feedback forms, and that was really significant in enhancing the way we ran our program.

Our senior management team has taken a great interest in Y.O.L.O. Our CEO has had a personal interest and he's been checking in along the way to see how we're going with each iteration of our Y.O.L.O. program. We've had general managers sit into the whole session, and of course on every site we've had our station manager introduce the session. And importantly, what our station managers do is that they share a story about their own experience as a young worker.

The key improvement that has been achieved through our Y.O.L.O. program is a seventy-five per cent reduction in injuries to young workers.

We're really proud of our Y.O.L.O. program and we can see it having widespread use throughout Australia. We're actively involved in sharing the program with others and helping others to develop their own Y.O.L.O. style program, that really takes into consideration the whole person, us as human beings, where we're at with our developmental stage and giving the tools that we need to create safety in our workplaces.End titles

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