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NOJA Power, Murarrie

Finalist (Highly commended) – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

NOJA Power researches, develops, manufactures and supplies low, medium and high voltage switchgears.

FILM: Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014:  Category eight finalist – NOJA Power

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Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014
Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Finalist: NOJA Power

Neil O'Sullivan
Managing Director, NOJA Power

The company name is NOJA Power. We make electrical switch gear. We specialise in making high voltage switch gear and our customers are the electricity utilities of the world.

We have about 150 staff. Sixty per cent are our factory and production staff, and about forty per cent are our engineering and administration staff.

Our program is 'Safety is important, health is your life', and the reason why it came about was to invest in our employees. We consider our employees our most important asset, the human capital, and to invest in our employees is the reason why we took the decision to run the program.

Our program started four years ago, and it simply started with an immunisation and with an investment in the Bridge to Brisbane. Only two of us did the Bridge to Brisbane that first year, and progressively we've had people increase to now more than one hundred doing the Bridge to Brisbane this year.

We have other programs where we provide two pieces of fruit per employee per day. This year we implemented a program where we've had a doctor visit and that initially started with a doctor making a lecture for all staff that we made mandatory, and then we had optional one on one's.

Everything in the business is driven by the directive or the board and in particular our health and wellbeing program is very focused from the board down.

One of the things we do at NOJA Power is we have a health and safety meeting once a month. We have representatives from each department who sit on that committee along with three of the original founders and directors of the company, and we receive direct feedback from every department across the board in different ideas, different areas, not only from a health point of view but also a safety point of view.

The main result we're seeing is the decrease in personal leave. Originally when we started the program some four years ago had a personal leave in excess of nine days average per staff member, it's now at 4.6. So the difference in that personal leave reduction is actually funding the program.

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